[18+] Julie (2004 – Free Download) Hindi 400 MB DVD-RIP

142 Min. | Drama | July 2004

IMDB Rating: 4.4

Director: Deepak S. Shivdasani

Staring: Neha Dhupia, Priyanshu Chatterjee, Yash Tonk

Julie Review: Julie is a fascinating film that explores the journey of a girl who went from sweet innocence to the harsh reality. All of her relationships, aspirations, and determined efforts are very well depicted. The audience can completely understand how a small-town girl, who lives with her lovable father and pet dog, leading a beautiful life ends up a prostitute in the unwelcoming city of Mumbai as her dreams are repeatedly shattered, as her lovers continue to exploit her. Left desperate with no one to retreat to, Julie is brainwashed/enlightened by the local pimp, who gives a very thought-provoking monologue.

She asks, “Who is Julie?” She can avenge her traitors, but she will eventually end up with a feeling of helplessness. Julie is told that all men want from a woman is their body, whether it is through prostitution or the excuse of marriage or raising a family. Julie finally realizes that she does not want to depend on others to give her a face, she needs to create her own identity. This monologue, the climax, and when Julie re-confronts her first lover are mind blowing scenes. Julie’s bold move to tell her entire life story on national television in an effort to revolutionize society is extremely interesting. Her emotions are very well-illustrated. Songs are worthless, except for the title track, and detract from the story.

Direction is decent but the writing spoils the show, in keeping with his trademark style, instead of interval his name comes as a director like in his previous films music is decent. Neha Dhupia tries hard but doesn’t convince, her dubbing too by someone else looks odd, Julie was her second film and she looks too wooden Sanjay Kapoor though reminds of his brother Anil Kapoor, gives a decent performance, Yash Tonk too is good, Priyanshu is superb the rest are all okay. Julie is a must-see movie.

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