[18+] My Awkward Sexual Adventure (2012 – Free Download) English 350 MB DVD-RIP

98 Min | Comedy – Romance | November 2012

IMDB Rating: 6.1

Director: Sean Garrity

Starring: Jonas Chernick, Emily Hampshire, Sarah Manninen

My Awkward Sexual Adventure Review: In the first scene of “My Awkward Sexual Adventure” the Jordan (Jonas Chernick) is making love to his girlfriend Rachel (Sarah Manninen) in such an impassioned and mechanical way that she falls asleep (who wouldn’t). The obvious break-up follows, she needs more passion and different sexual experiences. As sad as it seems, these five opening minutes of the movie are the smartest, funny moments I saw in a movie this side of the Atlantic. There are no stupid or dumb or scatological jokes involved, simple a few utterly realistic but absurd moments and dialogs. Jordan is not a dumb or clumsy person (well it has a few moments). He is an accountant with all the insecurities, limitations, fears and lack of commitment of a person living by the numbers. He needs Rachel to be with him, sex is not that important.

He has to go, on his planned vacation to Toronto, alone (the scene at the airport is another masterpiece) to visit his pal Dandak (Vik Sahay always funny) who offers to be his sexual mentor against Jordan will. In My Awkward Sexual Adventure, after a few comical situations, Jordan ends in an strip club trying to get a sexy photo with a beautiful girl to make Rachel (who is having a very sexual and orgiastic vacation) jealous. By Karma, meets Julia (Emily Hampshire) a stripper, sweet but very disorganized, totally against checking even her bills, basically his opposite. He soon realizes that without loosing up, his future with Rachel is dead, he ask Julia for a crash course on freedom, taboos and sex. What follows are the different chapters of Jordan education process.

It is pretty obvious how things will end, but every chapter that follows is staged with intelligence and good taste, but do not even think the movie is tame, it just has good taste. There is plenty of nudity male and female but never out of context. In fact, one of the funniest scenes in My Awkward Sexual Adventure it is likely to be too much for MPAA but it will be a real sin to cut. Acting is superb, Jonas Chernick is a seriously funny person, he improves after his experiences but is still the same person a little more confident. Sarah Manninen handles the bitch girlfriend character with class. She just an insecure person that is never sure what she really wants. Emily Hampshire as the stripper, is able to be tender but strong, enough to fall in love with her. I hope My Awkward Sexual Adventure gets distribution in USA and UNCUT. It is really a surprise that a not so original story could be handled with such an intelligent way.

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