[18+] Q Sexual Desire (2011 – Free Download) French 400 MB DVD-RIP

103 Min. | Drama | September 2011

IMDB Rating: 5.6

Director: Laurent Bouhnik

Staring: Deborah Revy, Helene Zimmer, Gowan Didi

Q Sexual Desire Review: In Q Sexual Desire, Cecile is a desirable girl. She knows it and uses herself as a weapon. Even though she has a boyfriend she flirts and leads on every man she runs into. Once she has their attention and their sex drive on full she goes away leaving them with her panties or her phone number. She has a group of girl friends that get very little attention. They hang around and worry about the future, their relationships and their unhappiness with men. Eventually they take on a new career. Cecile’s boyfriend is some little thug as are all his friends some of which are involved with Cecile friends. They commit crimes, talk about their sexual conquests, whine and cry about their girlfriends. Because of tough economical times they have no jobs.

Matt is perhaps the main male character here. He’s a mechanic and at the beginning of Q Sexual Desire has a run in with Cecile, a frustrated one which is her specialty. He has a girlfriend, Alice, but she won’t put out. When her mom catches the young couple walking around, Alice gets in big trouble. Apparently wherever this is taking place, the harbor town still has some Victorian small town morality. An older couple is significant for these people’s lives because, like everyone else here, they aren’t getting any, but devise a plan to change that, a plan the will involve Cecile who in turn will involve Alice. It all ends on a happy note. In Q Sexual Desire you get to witness all these frustrated people-frustrated financially, frustrated sexually-going about being frustrated and having frustrated sexual encounters and quickly it frustrates you too. Cecile is an interesting character. She’s a free spirit, sexually open, and very attractive.

Thankfully, Q Sexual Desire shows plenty of skin nicely filmed which keeps you entertained in between scenes that have you throwing up your arms in the air in frustration. There is some XXX activity going on. Nothing that should outrage anyone. Appropriately, there’s a certain timelessness in this movie. We have no idea how much time transpires in part because some scenes in the future are interspersed throughout the movie and also because these people are stuck in some very old fashioned way of looking at things. Still, Q Sexual Desire is watchable, it is not like some Brisseau movie that puts you to sleep even as women are taking their clothes off. Q Sexual Desire does feature the best opening credits ever unfortunately filmed in black and blue coloring though. Not to mention that Deborah Revy and Helene Zimmer are very attractive in a normal sort of way without being fake bombshells. Relationships as portrayed in Q Sexual Desire makes you almost long for the new American transactional type of relationship among the sexes.

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