[18+] Virgin Territory (2007 – Free Download) English 400 MB DVD-RIP

97 Min | Adventure – Comedy – History | December 2007

IMDB Rating: 4.9

Director: David Leland

Starring: Hayden Christensen, Mischa Barton, Ryan Cartwright

Virgin Territory Review: Virgin Territory nice, mild version the extremely bawdy Decammeron Nights, was so lightly thought of, it was released directly to DVD in the US. The only reason for the R rating is the a few of the ladies busts are shown, and some suggestive dialogue as same ladies are milking a cow over the clothed body of our hero. What Virgin Territory really needed (since the guys are so handsome), was at least a suggestion of some male sex (which was in the original stories). There also should have been at least one whipping or torture scene, or suggestion of. The above ladies were supposed to be nuns. That’s what I should have done when the voice over from the fake priest started in Virgin Territory. It’s intrusive, it takes the audience’s attention and emotional investment away from the main characters and, worst of all, the narration is intentionally written to be the most overtly funny thing in the movie.

The fake priest is given more deliberately humorous things to say in his narration than all the other characters’ dialog put together. The narration isn’t all that funny but even if it were, it would still be a mistake to do it that way. The rest of Virgin Territory lived down to that early warning sign. Just as an example, a huge portion of the film’s middle is given over to how one of Pampinea’s friends is a bitchy cocktease who alternately berates and frustrates her virgin boyfriend. Pampinea, Lorenzo, Gerbino and the Russian count are just forgotten about, and then the cocktease and her boyfriend are forgotten about so a second friend of Pampinea can be brought to the fore and made the second most important female character in the story.

In Virgin Territory, Hayden Christensen (Star Wars 2 and 3) is not bad as our stalwart young hero. Mischa Barton is delightful as our pure heroine. Matthew Rhys as a Russian suitor is a comic find, (his character has a very long hard to pronounce name). He rattles this name and his lineage a few times and never misses a beat. In fact the entire cast is a delight, the script and direction was by David Leland and is good. The settings are beautiful. Virgin Territory is not a great film or even a good adaptation, it is just an enjoyable pleasant, not bawdy enough treatment.

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