[18+] Wild Things 3 (2005 – Free Download) Eng-Hindi 400 MB DVD-RIP

88 Min. | Crime – Drama – Mystery | May 2005

IMDB Rating: 4.5

Director: Jay Lowi

Staring: Serah D’Laine, Brad Johnson, Michael Mantell

Wild Things 3 Review: Like the previous Wild Things movies, this one too starts with a meeting in the Blue Bay school auditorium for a speech on sex crimes by a cop and probation officer (Dina Meyer) who has personal experience with rape. In the auditorium we meet the bad rich girl Marie and the innocent Elena with a troubled past who is on probation herself, poverty-stricken and lives in a trailer. The two girls of course don’t exactly get along. Marie stands to inherit 2 giant diamonds from her deceased mother. However she cannot obtain them until she turns 18. In Wild Things 3, Stepdad Jay, in turn is in deep financial troubles and is not inclined to let the girl get the diamonds. Jay also has an interest in pretty young things and invites Elena over to the party he organizes for Marie. The issue is who will end up with the diamonds and what intrigues they will devise to get them.

Wild Things 3, like its prequels has a steamy three-way which is shot too dark and with the use of body doubles. There are two additional girl-girl scenes which are much more erotic but far shorter. Overall, Wild Things 3 is more enjoyable than part II. It is not as slow and the cast is quite attractive. The story, too, is interesting and has its surprising twists and turns. This series has a lot of potential, considering the stuff that is released in theaters these days. The plot of this updated Wild Things is weak and the acting isn’t much better, but Sarah Laine just might have best body ever seen naked on screen outside of the porn industry. And the extras lying around the pool, diving at the competition, and turning up dead are absolutely gorgeous.

In Wild Things 3, Sandra McCoy isn’t too bad either. It’s a shame that she hired a body double. When the movie ends you might find yourself wondering who and how they all got where they end up, but don’t try too hard. You might hurt your pretty head. A physicist couldn’t figure it out. Overall, Wild Things 3 is an excellent film.

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