A Company Man (2012 – Free Download) English 400 MB DVD-RIP

96 Min | Action – Drama – Thriller | October 2012

IMDB Rating: 6.6

Director: Sang-yoon Lim

Starring: Ji-seob So, Mi-yeon Lee, Do Won Kwak

A Company Man Review: A Company Man is 2012 Korean movie about a contract killer operating in a modern day corporate structure. It is an action drama. A Company Man stars So Ji-sub as Hyung-do. Hyung-do is white collar worker employed at the corporate office of a metal works company. He’s a loyal mid-management type who’s married to his job, and, he goes about his daily 9-5 routine as so many other people do in this world. He also happens to be a professional assassin, as is, apparently, everyone else at the entire office he works at. This a legit company with typical business concerns, but they also kill people. There are several dozen people or so that work for this company, and everybody working here is well aware of the company’s dual purpose. From the chairman on down to the receptionist at the front desk, everybody has their part to play in making sure the company is a success on both fronts.

A company man is a film about a man who works for a company of assassins that is actually disguised as a metal company in order to remain secretive. A Company Man starts out with the main character and a young temp who is about to go murder a few people. After the job the main character was supposed to kill the temp but leaves him alive and wishes that some money is delivered to his family. The main character falls for the mother and begins to realize that he does not want to continue in the line of work but rather start a new life with this woman. Only problem is it isn’t a job that one can actually just quit.

A Company Man is another instalment in this particular sub-genre and a film whose plot bears more than a passing resemblance to the Korean classic, A Bittersweet Life. There’s plenty of room for social commentary as the main character plays a guy caught in a corporate world, unable to quit the job he’s grown tired of and forced to work under his despicable superiors. The twist? That he’s a hit-man. What transpires during the film’s running time is easily guessable and yet at the same time it’s eminently watchable. Ji-seob So does a great job as the gaunt and tired lead you get behind, and A Company Man features a sequence of top-class action sequences to keep it bubbling merrily along. It’s a slow builder, this one, leading up to a taut, frenetic and mayhem-filled climax which truly doesn’t disappoint. If only all movies could be this entertaining.

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