Alien³ (1992 – Free Download) English 400 MB DVD-RIP

114 Min. | Horror – Sci-Fi – Thriller | August 1992

IMDB Rating: 6.4

Director: David Fincher

Staring: Sigourney Weaver, Charles S. Dutton, Charles Dance

Alien³ Review: In Alien, the characters don’t know what they’re getting into and the only reason the audience knows is because 1. The trailers, 2. the Title and 3. By now everyone knows the reputation of the film and it was good. In Aliens the characters know the creature, and declare war neglecting to calculate the possible numbers they face and it was good. In Alien 3 we get a prison. “But they’re not prepared! Alien 3 just cannot compete with its predecessors. The film is ‘okay’ and it’s up against two of the most influential sci-fi horror films by Ridley Scott (the director with the slickest style) and James Cameran (one of the best action directors) scores composed by the legendary Goldsmith and Horner. Alien 3 has David Fincher and Elliot Goldenthal.

Fincher is a good director, but outclassed by Scott and Cameran, Goldenthall has yet to impress with one of his scores, and has yet to not annoy with one of his “sequel” scores (Batman Forever and Batman and Robin come to mind). The uninteresting premise of the film, the uninteresting setting, uninteresting characters, uninteresting story in the end just kill the film. More effort seemed to go into shaving Weaver’s head than making the script good. The whole 3 scenes in the film what have a valid ‘deeper meaning’ does not save the 90% of the film that is boring and stale.

Many people found the jump from Aliens to Alien 3, the return to one alien and the fate of the survivors from Aliens unforgivable. The route chosen for Alien 3 was mediocre, and so the break from its predecessors did come across more disappointing. Change is not always good, change for the sake of change is typically bad. Alien 3 is a good example of this. In the end, all of the elements of the film are mediocre to good with the exception of the script which did not live up to standards. Hence, the film is overall just “okay.” But after the caliber of its predecessors, Alien 3 really is a disappointment in terms of quality.

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