All About Eve (1950 – Free Download) English 400 MB DVD-RIP

138 Min. | Comedy – Drama | December 1950

IMDB Rating: 8.3

Director: Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Staring: Bette Davis, Anne Baxter, George Sanders

All About Eve Review: “All About Eve” is the kind of movie that blows your mind, not because of special effect or something like that, but because of what movies are all about, a great direction, a great screenplay, and great acting. Stage star Margo Channing(Davis) is friend to playwright Lloyd Richards(Marlowe) and his wife Karen(Holm), in love with director Bill Samson(Merill), and the idol of Eve Harrington(Baxter) who becomes her secretary-aide. Eve begins to dominate, she sends Bill Margo’s birthday wishes and arranges a party for him, at which point Margo explodes. Eve becomes Margo’s understudy and, when Margo misses a performance, critic Addison DeWitt gives her rave reviews while making acerbic remarks about aging actresses like Margo.

In All About Eve’s first scenes, you can see an unusual style in this kind of movie, and it doesn’t look old, even nowadays. The plot of All About Eve, is not very entertaining, but the dialogues and the acting grabs your attention, and some quotes leave you speechless to describe how good they are, and it’s memorable scenes, like the dialogues between Eve and Bill about the theater, and the last scene, which is probably the best one, are awesome. The acting is almost perfect by all it’s cast, except for Marilyn Monroe’s short appearance, that with three or four lines, can show that she is not in the same acting level of the rest of the cast. Bette Davis is what really stands out (Although George Sanders as DeWitt is almost as good as her), she’s funny, and know where to show her emotions, and when to hide it.

“All About Eve” is a magnificent timeless tale of ambition, manipulation and betrayal, and certainly one of the best classics ever. Everything perfectly works in this movie, the direction is very precise and tight, dialogs are very acid and intelligent, Bette Davis, Anne Baxter, George Sanders and Celeste Holm have awesome performances in very powerful characters, the dramatic story is amazingly good, showing what an evil person can plot to reach fame and success. All About Eve is highly unpredictable, especially the last scenes which tie the ideas of the story up. There is an Eve everywhere and each character gets what he or she deserves. Fasten the belts and listen up. All About Eve is screenwriting at its finest.

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