Ankhon Dekhi [2014 – Free Download] Hindi 400 MB DVD-SCR SQ

107 Min | Drama | March 2014

IMDB Rating: 8.7

Director: Rajat Kapoor

Starring: Naresh Gosain, Rajat Kapoor, Sanjay Mishra

Ankhon Dekhi Review: Writer-Actor-Director Rajat Kapoor’s ANKHON DEKHI is a perfect example of such rare, not to be missed precious cinema. And as suggested by its name, the film simply needs to be seen, felt and enjoyed at the earliest instead of just being read about, discussed or pre-judged by its various appreciative reviews written by different critics. Actually films like ANKHON DEKHI should not be ideally reviewed in the usual manner since they are certainly going to have many distinctive meanings or interpretations for different viewers (as per their own viewpoints), which in fact can easily be stated as the film’s real beauty too required to be kept intact. For instance where a few might enjoy it just as a light, feel-good comedy revolving around a lower middle class family, there for others it may turn out to be a highly transforming experience, giving them a new bright insight into their own struggling life, demanding many major changes.

With beautiful vocals & music by Kailash Kher, brilliant cinematography & marvelous direction, Ankhon Dekhi is perhaps Bollywood’s best film this year, so far. The performances is the best thing about it; each & every cast member is so involved with their characters, that I was taken aback when a supporting actor playing the mother of a boy who is diagnosed with a disorder, enacts the relief when he ails out of it. Her expression & conduct all were absolutely mesmerizing. Plus, the brotherly relationship is talked about, with respect to joint families. It showcases the Indian which we had thought is lost; perfectly captured Delhi streets & chawls; fantastic photography.

So with many thanks to Rajat Kapoor (writer-actor-director), Manish Mundra (producer), Seema Mishra (Bauji’s wife), the entire supporting cast, music, background score & art department along with the emotionally touching & exceptionally terrific Sanjay Mishra as Bauji, I would like to strongly recommend ANKHON DEKHI to one and all as a rare meaningful achievement not to be missed. With a sincere wish that every reader of this honest write-up watches ANKHON DEKHI and many more movies like these like a true seeker. The climax is equally haunting and is free for interpretation to viewers; ends with a bang & so sharply expresses a man’s views. It mixes wonder with reality & does it right.

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