Batman Begins (2005 – Free Download) Eng-Hindi 400 MB DVD-RIP SQ

140 Min | Action – Thriller | June 2005

IMDB Rating: 8.3

Director: Christopher Nolan

Starring: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Ken Watanabe

Batman Begins Review: Batman Begins, the much hyped, much publicised ‘reboot’ of the Batman franchise is finally here and boy what a treat it is. The following outings of Batman Forever and Batman and Robin, were less than splendid though. Over-blown campy nonsense with two-dimensional characters being upstaged by a campy over the top rouges-gallery of villains. So here is the re-boot. Batman begins breaks from the convention of other comic book films. The first act of the film is told through flashbacks and does not follow a linear editing style. It gives a fantastic insight into Bruce Wayne’s feelings towards his origins and his motivation for becoming the Dark Knight. It traces his path from young boy, to troubled young man, unable to vent the anger he feels for injustice he has suffered at the hand of the criminal element.

Bruce Wayne attempts to confront his demons head on, but soon realises he is just one man in a corrupt and frightening world. Batman Begins takes us on the journey Bruce endures in trying to find what it is he needs to do to come to terms with his past and to guide his future. He travels the world and seeks out a means to better himself both mentally and physically. He trains with masters of martial arts, to learn the fighting skills and mental strength he will require to bring justice back to Gotham. This all provides the very convincing back-story of the transition from Bruce Wayne to Batman. The film climaxes with an awesome final act, showcasing immense fight scenes, brilliant use of the new Batmobile, gorgeous sets and intense acting. The final scenes set Batman Begins up perfectly for any sequels and all the while maintains the sense of realism and down to earthiness that Nolan promised.

Batman Begins is a dark film, centred on strong themes of fear, over coming demons of your past and the fight for justice in a corrupt world. Unlike many comic book films, this film is not in anyway aimed at children. It is not strictly adult in nature, but follows intelligent character development, adult conflict and complex portrayals of the characters. Most comic book films introduce your hero as good because he wants to save the world and the villain bad because he wants to take over the world. Then the action begins. This is not the case with Batman Begins, it gives insight into each character’s motivation and reasons for their actions, it does not expect the audience to blindly accept anything on face value. Well done to Goyer and Nolan for producing such an awesome movie. Bring on the sequels!

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