Bedazzled (2000 – Free Download) English 300 MB DVD-RIP

93 Min. | Comedy – Fantasy – Romance | November 2000

IMDB Rating: 5.9

Director: Harold Ramis

Staring: Brendan Fraser, Elizabeth Hurley, Frances O’Connor

Bedazzled Review: In Bedazzled, Liz Hurley and her role here as the devil suits her perfectly, and her limitations as an actress don’t really matter here. The other main character and another good looking woman is Frances O’Connor as Alison. She’s lovely and a great actress here. In addition, Orlando Jones, Paul Adelstein, and Toby Huss play a variety of characters very nicely. Brendan Fraser holds the whole thing together. He plays nerdy Elliot, who works with Alison though he is invisible to her. He says he would give anything to have her as a girlfriend. This is an invitation for the devil to offer him seven wishes in exchange for his soul, as long as he signs the contract.

In Bedazzled, there follow five very funny cameos where Elliot takes different personas in order to win Alison. Each is doomed to end in failure. He asks to be rich and powerful, emotionally sensitive, a famous athlete, intelligent, witty and well-endowed, President of the United States. Every scenario has a twist that he did not expect. The devil gives Elliot misleading advice in her own cameos between these scenes. Some reviewers have compared this version unfavourably to the Peter Cook and Dudley Moore version. It’s best not to compare them. The films are sufficiently different to enjoy each one in its own right.

There are many scenes in Bedazzled that are laugh-out-loud, even on a repeat viewing. If there’s a weak point it’s the final half hour. Yes it does sort of tie the whole thing together but the pace slows and it tries too hard for a ‘happy ever after’ finish. Maybe a darker ending would have been better. But overall, great fun, great dialogue and great acting. Bedazzled is an excellent film.

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