Blade II (2002 – Free Download) Eng-Hindi 375 MB DVD-RIP

117 Min. | Action – Horror – Sci-Fi | March 2002

IMDB Rating: 6.7

Director: Guillermo del Toro

Staring: Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson, Ron Perlman

Blade II Review: Blade nears vampirifection. Blade II could have been that impressive too, if the limping Whistler did not flee away from savage Reinhardt, all the guards and high security systems to help his protege free, which is hard to swallow and screw up Blade II which was so good so far. Blade should have been helped by Nyssa instead whose live he just saved twice, or Scud role should have been a little more extended. Another thing that really irks in the closing of Blade II in this sequel is the thrashing that Blade gets from the half vampire killer and half failed Damaskinos experience, Nomack! In the case of Frost, in the first movie we understand that ‘The Magra’ has been awaken after the blood rituals and sacrifice of the pure bloods, including the unwilling contribution of Blade himself.

But not the sick Nomack, it does not make sense really, when he should have delivered Nomack the death dance, Blade gets the worst beating of all the three movies, which is again counter flow to the movie. Ultimately what’s the most horrifying thing about vampirism? Isn’t it that you’re neither one thing nor the other? You’re human-but-not, alive-but-not, doomed to an eternity of consciousness with nothing more to achieve but the next hemaglobin fix. You know you’re a monster, a freak of nature, but there’s nothing else for you to be. So you make the most of that. The seminal “Near Dark” pioneered the vampire-as-badass-antihero concept. TV’s “Buffy” and “Angel” rendered it cartoonish. Del Toro has reinvigorated it.

They should have made the most of the confusion that the daughter of Damaskinos was going through at that very moment, that is the turmoil from the growing gratitude and appreciation she started to feel for Eric her savior though her established enemy and the fresh discovery of her father’s betrayal and mercilessness towards his own flesh and blood. Of course, Blade II would have been fifteen minutes or so longer but Blade escape would have make sense with the movie flow so far, which like as captivating as the first one. But, sadly they made a mess with that very part of Blade II and we the Blade fans we have to make with our disappointments. Some viewers blame it on Leonor Varela, Nyssa, but i think she plays her role very well and never infringes on Blade authority like Nomack, but brings the necessary contrast without excessiveness to the plot.

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