Blood Money (2012 – Free Download) Hindi 300 MB DVD-RIP

120 Min | Action – Drama – Thriller | March 2012

IMDB Rating: 4.5

Director: Vishal Mahadkar

Starring: Manish Chaudhary, Kunal Khemu, Amrita Puri

Blood Money Review: Blood Money is a perfect thriller of a common employee. It deals about a employee meshes in diamond smuggling, the movie is simple but taken rich in south Africa, the cast and music was good. Blood Money is as ‘template ready’ as it gets and at times does remind one of ‘Jannat’. The difference here though is that while Emraan Hashmi was carrying a negative streak to him for most part of the film, Kunal takes time to loose his righteous side, only to announce a return in a much faster time period. However what one doesn’t miss right through the film’s narrative is a distinct Bhatt feel to it. One can well see that first time director Vishal Mahadkar has been clearly inspired by Vishesh Films school of movie making and is following the formula that has been consolidated by the likes of Vikram Bhatt and Mohit Suri.

What one does miss though is the punch in the affair that stays constant for the entire duration of the film. Let’s admit it, ‘Blood Money’ starts off well and introduction scenes pretty much establish each of the characters well too. There isn’t much time wasted by getting the hero and the heroine into a ‘naach gaana’ mode and the drama stays focused on the ‘diamond’ business and the nexus involved. Just when one felt that the film would show a massive escalation in the second half, ‘Blood Money’ gets into a predictable zone due to which one does feel a tad disappointed. For starters, the entire Mia Uyeda and the adultery episode has been done to death in quite a few films, not to mention many films coming from Bhatts themselves. Even ‘Crook’ had one such episode where the leading lady (Neha Sharma) felt cheated after finding Emraan Hashmi in the arms of an Australian gori.

A special mention for the film’s music which is just in line with what the doctor (read Bhatts) had ordered. Jeet Ganguly makes a successful comeback into Bollywood arena and is well complimented by Sangeet – Siddharth Haldipur and Pranay. ‘Blood Money’ may not be an excellent film that would go down as one of those small underrated gems of the year. However this film about gems (and diamonds) isn’t a bad watch either. Yes, there is deja vu for sure, especially those who have watched films right from the days of ‘Naam’ to ‘The Firm’ to ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ to ‘Jannat’. However if you are willing to see a film that is a rehash of all these films with some memorable scenes thrown in, chances are you won’t mind catching up on ‘Blood Money’.

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