Camp Rock [2008 – Free Download] Eng-Hindi 400 MB DVD-RIP SQ

94 Min | Comedy – Family – Musical | September 2008

IMDB Rating: 4.8

Director: Matthew Diamond

Starring: Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas, Meaghan Martin

Camp Rock Review: Insert sadface here. This rockin’ was supposed to be so much more than it lead on, but it really failed to deliver. The story starts off with Michie Torres, a girl that desperately wants to attend a Rock and Roll camp, and subplots Joe Jonas being throw back into his old stomping grounds before he became the hotshot that he is in Connect 3. Right in, they establish the characters of Michie as the shy girl, and the rather rude Shane Gray. It seems that cliche character development only kicks in after a few scenes, for little to no reason at all. The work done by the actors was relatively decent, with a few small exceptions. However, having to deal with a horrible script like Camp Rock, is a task in it’s on. The film tries to create conflict with an enemy that nobody really cares about, or has any ill feelings for. The mark of good character development is to love your enemy. Perhaps Meaghan Jette Martin had a scene or two that was cut that really showed us that she had such feelings for her family.

Camp Rock has all your normal stereotypical Disney children in it. Your hero(in), the hero’s sidekick, other friends introduced for comedic value, the hero’s enemy, and the enemies cronies. Disney does not fail to deliver an overdone plot of being ashamed of your family and how lying is bad. Blah blah blah. Girl lies, gets out casted, expresses remorse and sticks up for herself. Haven’t seen this stuff in a Disney movie before. Nope, not me. Lastly, the music. Though it is somewhat strange that a rock star would be a hip hop teacher at a rock and roll camp, it worked for the most part. Most of the songs are forgettable at best until the finale, as many musicals are. Though, these select songs make Camp Rock re watchable and marketable for Disney. It will probably launch *a* career.

It’s got to be just a big Jonas Brothers promotional video. The funds raked in for Camp Rock will also be astronomical much like its musical counterpart, High School Musical. All in all, the story is intresting and unforgettable, but some of the songs you’ll be singing to your self after seeing the film once or twice (or perhaps 20 or so, if you know Disney Channel). Watch this, definitely, to see if it’s your cup of tea. But it didn’t quite do it for me the way HSM did it for the rest of the world.

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