Chakde! India (2007 – Free Download) Hindi 400 MB DVD-RIP

153 Min. | Drama – Family – Sport | August 2007

IMDB Rating: 8.4

Director: Shimit Amin

Staring: Shah Rukh Khan, Vidya Malvade, Tanya Abrol

Chakde! India Review: What’s in a name? Although initially this movie drew some amount of controversy outside India among viewers of non-Indian origin, the final movie just falsifies all those who advocated that the title “Chak De! India” was non-representative and was supposed to mean to only a niche of moviegoers. Chakde! India would’ve been just what it is no matter what is was called or which country made it. Director Shimit Amin’s entry in YRF simply transforms the entire perspective of movie-making and movie watching, both for the production house and the viewers. Generally, you enter the theatre for a Yashraj movie expecting foreign locales, lots of song and dance, impossible and unbelievable characters, poor storyline, bad performances and a helluva investment but Chakde! India delivers what no other Yashraj film ever did. Initially a sports movie, Chak De is rather a story of hope, courage, unity, integrity and the dreams.

Chakde! India finally proves that you don’t need Preity or Rani opposite Shah Rukh Khan, and he all by himself, with a great screenwriter, great director and a good cast of the hockey team can make a great movie. There are lots of heroes in the movie – the women’s team and these ladies simply steal the show. Mainly Bindiya, Balbir, Priya (the hot chic) and Komal. See it gets very hard when there is an incredible amount of character development to do. There is a ghost that follows Kabir throughout the film and writer Jaideep Sahani makes a very good use of it. Some parts of Chakde! India are directly lifted like the part of Kabir’s ghost and few of the women. The message is pretty well conveyed. You feel the adrenaline rush through the World Cup matches, a lot of goosebumps thanks to the great scoring by the Salim Sulaiman duo, well crafted script and good direction.

Shah Rukh Khan, as usual is great with his acting (and beard) Vidya Malvade is the overly publicised captain but unfortunately other girls outdo her, the Jharkhand girls provide a dimension against contrasting Bindya and her queen bees. Segarika Ghatge’s character Priya Saberwal is most memorable for her looks, style and for being hot and everything. The North East girls do answer some of vital questions of the North East Indians about their existence in their country as foreigners. The class conflict, egoistic chicks and their attitude problem and stuffs are absolutely well portrayed in Chakde! India. All in all Chakde! India is well worth. Requires basic knowledge and enthusiasm in hockey. But avoid if you’re looking for Shah Rukh Khan as the lover – boy – he’s the tough coach.

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