Delhi Safari (2012 – Free Download) Hindi 350 MB DVD-RIP

90 Min | Animation | October 2012

IMDB Rating: 5.8

Director: Nikhil Advani

Starring: Cary Elwes, Troy Baker, Christopher Lloyd

Delhi Safari Review: In Delhi Safari, the story is simple, yet unrealistic, about a group of animals who set out to the parliament to speak out their grievances. The grievance is that they are being murdered, chased away from their natural habitats. It is so in parallel with the need of the hour in India and the whole world. It talks about the plight of animals and why animals are going extinct. An eye-opener for some, Delhi Safari is truly remarkable in its style, narration and innovation. Yes, like i said Delhi Safari is little unrealistic, but who cares when it gives a valid message. The voices provided by our bollywood celebrities are very good, the dialogs make you laugh and the direction is also good. A complete entertainment package, this.

Well, the message of Delhi Safari is simple, stop being cruel to the animal, stop deforestation. Save the wilderness, save the world. The character development, the story everything was really good. The movie is full of entertainment and fun. The people who watch bollywood movies must be able to catch and understand the sense of humor presented in the movie. Funny as it may sound, Govinda’s voice for Bajrangi the Monkey is just perfect. The actor, known for his comic timing makes you laugh even with his voice.

In Delhi Safari, Boman Irani as Bagga the Bear also works well as you can make out that the actor has put in effort to perfect the many moods of the bear. Despite the predictable song-and-dance and even the story, Delhi Safari works as the train journey from Mumbai to New Delhi has a few of stops and fun moments that fit well into the plot. A wonderful must-watch in the wake of boring mainstream bollywood movies. Both for adults (the message) and kids (animation). Watch Delhi Safari and enjoy it.

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