Dishkiyaoon [2014 – Free Movie Download] Hindi 400 MB DVD-RIP SQ

119 Min | Action – Thriller | March 2014

IMDB Rating: 5.5

Director: Sanamjit Singh Talwar

Starring: Harman Baweja, Harsh Chhaya, Sunny Deol

Dishkiyaoon Review: To start with, most of us erroneously judged the film by its trailer. Unlike a regular mindless action thriller, Dishkiyaoon actually turned out to be a gangster noir, that had more brains than many of such films being made in Hindi in the recent years. With a non-linear narrative, the film actually engages you without spoon-feeding, connecting the dots in the end. The action sequences are stylish and the cinematography is superlative. The dark mood & tone of the film remains intact till the end. Coming to the plot, the film deals with the conspiracies & complex dynamics of the underworld but it is more of character driven. The psyche of the various shades of grey gets highlighted with the characters. There isn’t unnecessary revenge drama or melodramatic angle forced in to attract crowd. Sanamjit Singh Talwar seems to have a knack for dark gangster films without any diversions in form of preaching morality. Credit should be given to him to traverse an unsafe convoluted path to tell his story.

The characters’ graph moves in accordance to the script specially the protagonist Vicky Kartoos who from his neglected childhood learnt that Ganghiji’s formula doesn’t work in today’s real world. The dialogues written by Talwar are as brutally honest as the characters & most of the times they are impactful. Special mention to this one – Gandhiji said non violence but didn’t anyone listen. If he would have said it at a gun point then everyone would’ve listened. In the acting department Prashanth Narayanan (as Tony) & Anant Tiwari (as Rocky Chu****) overpowered all the other actors with their brilliant histrionics. Specially Anant Tiwari who was last seen at his funnier best as geeky Bunny in the superb zom-com “Go Goa Gone”,stuns you with the cunning, manipulative evil Rocky. There are able actors like Rajesh Vivek, Dayashankar Pandey, Subrat Dutta, Harsh Chaya, Aditya Pancholi who feels the gap with their limited screen times. Sunny Deol as Lakwa is pleasantly restraint though his accent fluctuates.

And even within a limited 2hour running time the film looked a way too long. The script demanded some fine editing. The director and editor tried to give a cool neo-noir look but succeeded only partially. End of the day talwar is No Kashyap, but he has potential & hopefully can come up with a better film next time. Overall Dishkiyaaon had a distinctive gun in the hand of a sharp albeit green shooter, a proper frame to aim but somehow it brushed past the target.

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