Empire State [2013 – Free Download] Eng-Hindi 400 MB DVD-RIP SQ

93 Min | Crime – Drama – Thriller | August 2013

IMDB Rating: 5.1

Director: Dito Montiel

Starring: Liam Hemsworth, Michael Angarano, Dwayne Johnson

Empire State Review: Empire State seemed like an episode of American Dumbest Criminals. It’s not as bad as Pain and Gain, but it’s not that car off. While your watching the film, you have to remember that it’s a true story and that the money has never been found. The real guy who worked in security depot says that he doesn’t know where the money is, which is unbelievable, and his excuse is that the money just disappeared while he was in jail. Yeah Right! Anyway, Empire State could have been so much better because of the great concept, but the director didn’t do a good job. If they had a bigger name playing the lead, it might have been much better, but it just seemed like an average heist movie, even though it’s a true story.

For a movie with the Rock starring in it, that it didn’t get the big Hollywood treatment like most of his movies. He does stand out from the rest of the actors, but he isn’t in the movie that much. All of the other actors needed replacing with a better class of actors because you can see the difference with a movie like Pain and Gain. The script could have done with a rewrite and the name of the movie Empire State, along with the poster, doesn’t really show what the movie is really about. Anyway, the bonus bits on the DVD shows an interview with the real person who worked at the depot so that gives you a clearer insight into what the hell must have been going through there heads at the time. But the question still remains, were is the money.

The pacing is good in Empire State. There was good acting all around. You see everything, but still the other half of the money was not found. However, Chris did tell waitress Nancy (Emma Roberts) where the money was, but nothing ever came of it. Or did it? You will have to draw your own conclusions here as there is nothing left to go on. No one is talking. Well, maybe we didn’t see everything. Dwayne Johnson as Detective Ransome performed well and had his suspicions of who was involved in the heist.

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