Enemmy [2013 – Free Download] Hindi 400 MB DVD-RIP SQ

128 Min | Action – Crime – Drama | June 2013

IMDB Rating: 5.4

Director: Ashu Trikha

Starring: Mimoh Chakraborty, Mithun Chakraborty, Yuvika Chaudhry

Enemmy Review: As Enemmy begins we see a meeting of builders who pay protection money to a powerful criminal named Mukthar Memon (Zakir Hussain) in an almost obligatory fearful manner. The film’s plot deals with the unexpected disappearance of this cache of money, 500 koka’s to be precise, on a Raigad Highway which is ambushed by an armed and highly skilled foursome. The anxious don in an act of madness goes on a rampage suspecting his competitive mafia top bosses and begins a gang war in the city. He wants his money back and will go to grave lengths to take it even if this means bringing the city to a standstill reflecting very poorly on the government in power.

All in all it’s a cop drama that keeps you intrigued and entertained till the very end. Enemmy throws light on a Mob-Police-Political tainted System and a dangerous nexus plus how the 3 of them co-exist and flourish side by side each feeding off the other. From the Top to the Bottom how corrosion of conformity exists and how anybody could do anything for a price as well as ambition. The enemy is truly within us and society’s weakness is reflected and a can of worms is opened up. How has corruption, taking the easy way out and the greed for money eaten its way from law enforcement to leadership is what the film asks You? The film also shows several actors and characters in their own space and is intriguing with its numerous twists and turns.

Enemmy throws light on various serious issues. Why would those who upkeep the law resort to stealing or robbery? The film showcases the grave steps officers take to make ends meet and protect their loved ones. Truly a multi starrer with suspense, action and exposing a sordid system which confronts all of us. A sign of the times! Is Material greed and wealth the only solution to your problems? If you’re rushing into theaters to be entertained like I do then this is definitely worth a watch.

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