The Final Destination [2009 – Free Download] Eng-Hindi 400 MB DVD-RIP SQ

82 Min | Horror – Thriller | August 2009

IMDB Rating: 5.1

Director: David R. Ellis

Starring: Nick Zano, Krista Allen, Andrew Fiscella

The Final Destination Review: Another manicured crop of pretty young things meets their untimely end in “The Final Destination,” the latest and ostensibly the last installment in the multimillion-dollar horror franchise about a bunch of CW teens who match wits with the Grim Reaper. Though it’s absent any numeral appendage, this is the fourth film in the seemingly immortal series, and, in a rare case of Hollywood precluding its own brainchild, producer Craig Perry has announced that there are no new iterations underway. That’s a bit of a shame, because once you get past the movie’s usual detractions (sure, it’s a bad movie, but so is “Halloween II”), “The Final Destination” is kind of fun.

The sometimes-clever, sometimes-obtrusive 3D effects in “The Final Destination” improve things significantly over its increasingly uninspired predecessors, and they are the sole reason to see this fast, freakish, often absurdly entertaining movie. At their best, they work by adding a staggering degree of depth perception to the picture without making your head spin, especially when an object – a car tire! a screwdriver! anything! – can be hurled into the center of the frame, usually making for a whole lot of ducking and squirming.

But the 3D is mainly on hand to distract from the movie’s pitiful lead performances and embarrassment of a screenplay, as well as, inadvertently, to draw attention to a distinct disconnect between the film’s impressive digital technology and its living human components. The 3D effects and high-definition picture quality in “The Final Destination” are beautiful, striking reminders of what technology can do, filling the screen with images so crystalline, so substantial – indeed, so real – it’s often hard to tell where they end and the movie theater begins. The humans are so one-dimensional, they might as well already be dead.

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