Firewall (2006 – Free Download) Eng-Hindi 400 MB DVD-RIP

105 Min. | Crime – Thriller | March 2006

IMDB Rating: 5.8

Director: Richard Loncraine

Staring: Harrison Ford, Virginia Madsen, Paul Bettany

Firewall Review: Firewall is an edgy and enjoyable piece of recycled cinema. The basic plot is the stuff of old capers and thriller cliches, yet it was more than renewed thru its use of advance technology and new attempts that the entire film almost looks new. Firewall is directed by Richard Loncraine, who gives the film a sufficient amount of pacing and creativity. Adding edge and new technology to an otherwise predictable old thriller. And with Harrison Ford on board giving the same amount of grit and charm, it’s bound to be worth something. Ford plays Jack Stanfield, a bank executive in charge of a nearly perfect bank protection system. He knows the codes and how to operate them, which makes him the number one target of the film’s villains. The lead baddie is Bill Cox (Paul Bettany), who poses as an investor whose only interest on Jack is the $100 million that he and his thugs plan to get from him.

In Firewall, Cox gives the usual treatment of threatening Jack’s family, but they are played strikingly convincing. The mother is played finely by Virginia Madsen while the the kids are played by teenage Carly Schroeder and young Jimmy Bennett. To save his family, he’s forced to heist the $100 million from the bank using the advance computers and altering the system he once helped protect. It’s a hard act to do trying to make new materials out of old ones, but Loncraine are among the few who actually succeeds. Of course, you do, but Firewall focuses more on a different side, how will it happen? Now that’s a fun part.

Firewall is pure hokum, but its enjoyable enough to showcase Ford again. Even if it’s sometimes predictable, at least Ford is there to give it all the charisma it needed. Trifle, but occasionally entertaining. An excellent piece of purely entertaining action, Firewall need not rely on anything but its own pace to carry you to the spectacular ending. The audience cringe as one as the Ford we all know and love battles the bad guys as only he can do so well. Everyman’s hero is back in action in this exciting kick-back to a time when movies were to entertain, not just to impress. Well worth the price of admission, and hopefully a teaser for what we might have in store for the future.

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