Free Birds (2013 – Free Download) English 400 MB DVD-SCR SQ

90 Min | Animation – Comedy | November 2013

IMDB Rating: 5.0

Director: Jimmy Hayward

Starring: Woody Harrelson, Owen Wilson, Dan Fogler

Free Birds Review: A group of animals decide to journey across the country to save their home. They are in danger of loosing their home as a deforestation process is underway. It is not possible for the animals to communicate with the humans. But there is someone; a talking turkey who knows-understand-can talk both human language and certainly of animals. Well, the message of Free Birds is simple: stop being cruel to the animal, stop deforestation. Save the wilderness, avoid consuming undue quantities of animal flesh.

The character development, the story everything is really good. Free Birds is full of entertainment and fun. The people who watch Hollywood movies must be able to catch and understand the sense of humor presented in the movie. At some point of the movie I got afraid that the movie has lost its way; may be it will not be able to finish its journey as I was expecting. But finally I was satisfied about the way it delivered the message to the human, the way voice of “animal” reached the human. Something disappointed me about the script: the celebrity voice actors! I think they were unnecessary. I think this is the high time for the peers of the Hollywood film industry and the directors, producers, screen writers to understand that the main thing of a movie that makes it great is its story.

Most of the content and the story looks like it’s aimed at small children. It doesn’t have the sub-layer aimed at the adults, like in most family/children’s films. But then it has a layer of herbivore jokes, making it unsuitable for anyone but small children. But Free Birds is watchable both for adults (the pro-PETA message) & kids (animation).Hollywood dare to make a 3D animation and I think they made it good. Thanks to Mr. Hayward. I would recommend you to watch Free Birds and I am sure you will be entertained and you will be agitated by the words being delivered by your Thanksgiving’s day turkey!

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