Gone with the Wind (1939 – Free Download) English DVD-RIP

238 Min. | Drama – History – Romance | December 1939

IMDB Rating: 8.2

Directors: Victor Fleming, George Cukor

Starring: Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Thomas Mitchell

Gone with the Wind Review

Gone with the Wind shows the best of the American cinema. Whether we like the film, or not, one has to recognize the greatest achievement, perhaps, of the creative talent of the people working in the movie industry. “Gone with the Wind” represents a monumental leap, as well as a departure, for the movies, as they were done prior to Gone with the Wind. The vision of David O. Selznick, the power behind bringing Margaret Mitchell’s massive account about the South, before and after the Civil War, pays handsomely with the film that Victor Fleming directed. This movie will live forever because it reminds us of how this great nation came into being, despite the different opinions from the two stubborn factions in the war.

“Gone with the Wind” brought together the best people in Hollywood. The end result is the stunning film that for about four hours keep us interested in the story unfolding in the screen. Of course, credit must be due to the director, Victor Fleming, and his vision, as well as the adaptation by Sydney Howard, who gave the right tone to the film. The gorgeous cinematography created by Ernest Haller gives us a vision of the gentle South before the war, and the Phoenix raising from the ashes of a burned Atlanta. The music of Max Steiner puts the right touch behind all that is seen in Gone with the Wind.

Comments to this forum express their objections to the way the race relations play in Gone with the Wind, but being realistic, this movie speaks about the not too distant past where all kinds of atrocities, such as the slavery, were the norm of the land. While those things are repugnant to acknowledge, in Gone with the Wind, they are kept at a minimum. After all, Gone with the Wind is based on a book by one of the daughters of that South, Margaret Mitchell, who is presenting the story as she saw it in her mind, no doubt told to her from relatives that lived in that period of a horrible page in the American history. Enjoy this monumental classic in all its splendor.

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