Good Luck Chuck (2007 – Free Download) English 350 MB DVD-RIP

96 Min | Comedy – Drama – Romance | November 2007

IMDB Rating: 5.6

Director: Mark Helfrich

Starring: Dane Cook, Jessica Alba, Dan Fogler

Good Luck Chuck Review: Good Luck Chuck (GLC) is certainly one of the more low-brow movies of the season. On paper, Good Luck Chuck seems to have most things going in it’s favor, it stars stand-up comedian Dane Cook and the very attractive Jessica Alba. Good Luck Chuck by all means is not a poor movie, I just feel like, with some better writing, the movie could’ve had more sophisticated laughs. Good Luck Chuck was good for what it was, a raunchy comedy with laughs sprinkled here and there. The plot of Good Luck Chuck is intriguing yet simple, women find their true love once they sleep with Chuck (played oddly well by Cook). When women find out about this “curse/charm”, they try to hook up with him, and then leave. It’s a loose-win-win-loose.

Or something like that. When Chuck meets a girl named Cam (Alba) at a wedding, he realizes that he loves her…so much, in fact, that he wants to sleep with her. (And who wouldn’t?) Problem – if Chuck sleeps with Cam, he will loose her forever. Good Luck Chuck does a good job of going about how to end the curse. The best (and perhaps most vile) way Chuck tries to reverse the curse is by sleeping with a acne-filled 600 pound woman. She eats garbage bags stuffed with donut holes and eats lobster legs faster than any human could. This woman’s facial expressions while Chuck and her are eating are quite humorous and disturbing. Let’s just forget about that it’s beyond gross, even though it doesn’t show much. If it were more revealing, the movie would be rated NC-17.

Sure, director Mark Helfrich is a poor man’s Tom Shadyac, and Cook is a poor man’s Jim Carrey. But in all honesty, nearly every comedian comes up short when compared to Carrey. Dane Cook is a good actor. Sure, at times he comes off as stale, but he has clever facial expressions and made the most of the script here. Reviews are not going to help Good Luck Chuck (eyeball the 19/100 on and that awful 3/100 on Do yourself a favor and ignore the critics (once again) and watch Good Luck Chuck. It’s silly, perverted fun. Good (some good laughs, surprisingly disgusting Bad) surprisingly disgusting, not all that deep.

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