Haider (2014 – Free Download) Hindi 400 MB DVD-SCR SQ

160 Min | Crime – Drama – Romance | October 2014

IMDB Rating: 8.9

Director: Vishal Bhardwaj

Starring: Shahid Kapoor, Tabu, Shraddha Kapoor

Haider Review: Haider is a tragedy about vengeance, resentment, intricacies and relationships. Haider is an official adaptation of Hamlet set in the backdrops of Kashmir. Kashmir, a land of dispute, has been shown like never before. Since the trailer of Haider is out it has created a mass hysteria. The audience has a lot of expectations from Haider because of its brilliant star cast including Shahid Kapoor, Tabu, Kay Kay Menon, Shraddha Kapoor and Irrfan Khan. On the other hand, Haider is also most anticipated movie of the year because it is the third Shakespearean adaptation by Vishal Bharadawaj. Vishal has proved his mettle with likes of Maqbool, The Blue Umbrella, Omkara and Kaminey. No doubt, Vishal has a robust hold over what he is doing.

Vishal, as the director, is the lifeline of Haider. Without Vishal’s directorial finesse Haider couldn’t have been the experience that it turned out to be now. Screenplay of the movie is pitch perfect without any loopholes. It couldn’t have been better. The writers have transformed the idea on paper into a visually splendid movie with superlative script. The dialogues penned by Vishal strike the right chord. Cinematography is of astounding. The DoP depicts Kashmir in an exquisite way. The locations are breathtaking. The music by Vishal is soul touching. Songs like Aao Na and Bismil steal the show. Aao Na is just too melodious. Bismil has all the elements to be a chartbuster. Overall, the album is exceptional and distinctive.

Shahid Kapoor as the lead protagonist depicts the role of Haider with supreme dexterity. It is his career’s best performance. Shahid brings in every emotion live on the screen. He performs his role with aplomb. Shraddha Kapoor looks ethereal and carries off a very difficult role on her shoulders very well. Kay Kay Menon appears in a different shade and steals the show every now and then with his acting skills. Irrfan Khan, though appearing in parts only, plays the role with composure. He is perfect. On the whole, Haider is a 161 minute long engaging drama. Vishal doesn’t let you get bored because of his fine writing skills. This one is for the cinema lovers. It is not an action masala flick but can easily be termed as Vishal’s best work to date.

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