I Love New Year (2015 – Free Download) Hindi 350 MB DVD-RIP

135 Min. | Romance | July 2015

IMDB Rating: 3.7

Director: Radhika Rao

Staring: Kangana Ranaut, Sunny Deol, Prem Chopra

I Love New Year Review: After a long time there comes a movie in Bollywood with such a nice story. I Love New Year is a comedy movie revolving around 2 persons. This film is starring Sunny Deol and Kangana Ranaut in the lead. It’s a story on what happens between two people in a span of two days after New Year’s Eve. I Love New Year follows a beautiful musician (Kangana Ranaut) and a serious Wall Street banker (Sunny Deol), that have a chance encounter on New Year’s Eve that the banker can’t seem to remember and the events that come about as a result of the two meeting. It is a family movie. You will enjoy from start to the end. The acting is superb. Sunny Deol has been in this type of plot after a longtime. Ranaut acting is also superb.

I Love New Year starts when Randhir (Sunny Deol), a wall street banker in Chicago, decides to get hitched. He gets drunk on new years eve and ends up in New York, where his friend was supposed to be thanks to the fact that domestic flights don’t require visas and he was not in full senses. He tells the cab driver his address, and then gets dropped at the street name and house number he told the driver. Cities in America do have same street names sometimes. Anyways, he this happens to be Kangana’s apartment. How does Sunny enter the apartment? What happens when Kangana’s boyfriend comes? What will happen to Sunny’s fiancee if he falls in love with Kangana? These are the questions which will be answered when u watch the film. Kangana’s boyfriend is a very arrogant guy who always discourages her. Anyways the entire movie is set in one night. The songs are good, the background music is nice and touches your heart.

I Love New Year is shot well and looks quite fresh. Kangna does a good job at playing the innocent and naive Tikku, whose parents’ death made her feel lonely. All the supporting actors – Prem Chopra, Reema Lagoo, international star Tanishtha Chatterjee, etc. do their job well, although they could have been given more screen time. I Love New Year touches your heart and makes you wonder why it was delayed and why Kangana didn’t want it to release – perhaps due to the fact that Deol surprisingly overshadows her. After long time a film has come which can be enjoyed with the entire family. It also boasts of good one – liners. Overall, it really surprised and was way above expectations. Perfect for a date!! Watch it because these type of film are not made often in the masala loving bollywood, although the film could have been shorter. I Love New Year deserves 9 stars.

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