Jab We Met (2007 – Free Download) Hindi 400 MB DVD-RIP

138 Min | Comedy – Romance | October 2007

IMDB Rating: 8.0

Director: Imtiaz Ali

Starring: Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Tarun Arora

Jab We Met Review: They may have split in real life but Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapur’s reel love story Jab We Met is a cute film, and is sure to touch the hearts of those in love. The film starts with Geet (Kareena), a Sikh who talks nonstop. She embarks on a train journey from Mumbai to her hometown Bhatinda. On the way, she runs into Aditya Kashyap (Shahid), a young man disillusioned with life after being dumped by his girlfriend. To make matters worse, even his business is going nowhere. He’s on the verge of ending his life when Geet comes into his life. She ends up missing her train while trying to get him on the train.

The thought does cross your mind, that why would she do that for a stranger. But then again, we’re watching a Bollywood film. Geet then informs Aditya that it is his responsibility to take her to Bhatinda, as she missed the train because of him. What follows next is a journey across picturesque landscapes where the two discover each other and understand the meaning of love and friendship. Aditya learns that Geet is in love with one Anshuman but her family is against their union. After reaching Bhatinda, you feel the plot has been lifted straight out of the Hollywood film, A Walk in the Clouds, though director Imtiaz Ali also adds Yash Chopra’s ‘Punjabisation’.

Aditya promises to help unite Geet with Anshuman, even though he falls in love with her. Post-interval, we’re introduced to a very new Aditya, who becomes a big businessman. And this is one of the film’s flaws. The change is too abrupt, and it is difficult to connect the first half with the second. But besides that, Jab We Met is a fun film, with quite a few moments worth watching. Though Kareena is loud at times, she is a treat to watch – funny and full of life. She gets to mouth hilarious lines like, ‘Bachpan se mujhe shaadi karne ka bahut shauk tha.’ Shahid, on other hand, acts composed and provides a perfect foil to the Kareena’s bubbly character. Pritam’s music also enhances the film. Lyricist Irshad Kamil deserves a special mention for the song, Yeh Ishq Hai. Overall, Jab We Met is an excellent film, enjoy it.

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