JohnDay (2013 – Free Download) Hindi 400 MB DVD-SCR SQ

130 Min | Drama | September 2013

IMDB Rating: 6.9

Director: Indra Kumar

Starring: Naseeruddin Shah, Randeep Hooda

JohnDay Review: JohnDay is a thriller flick starring Naseruddin Shah and Randeep hooda in lead roles, a debut directorial venture for Ahishor Solomon.The story begins with death of Naseruddin’s daughter in some estate known as Casablanca and then follows the delineating of the entire plot and the characters involved in it.

JohnDay is yet another attempt by bollywood to make sensible movies following movies like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Special 26 and Madras Cafe this year. But unfortunately, the director here has failed to do the same justice to the subject. The first half of the movie is awesome, and will make you think and deduce conclusions but the other half and the climax disappoint you to the earnest. The climax and the conclusion seem to be totally extraneous and abjured from the script. Given that, JohnDay does have its high ends especially the violent scenes-they are brutally depicted, violence at its very best in bollywood. Also a slight political theme is added which serves well for the sake of the plot.

As far as performance are concerned, Naseruddin Shah does not deliver up to his potential best maybe due to his simple role. Randeep Hooda is the star of the movie, he totally overshadows Naseruddin Shah. He is brutal, intense and not remorseful. Violent scenes are meticulously executed by him. But only drawback of his character he shifts gears at the end. A special mention to Pradeep Rawat for his mind-blowing performance. The rest of the cast does not impress especially Elena Kazan who seems to force her character.

So, coming to the verdict, JohnDay is a movie that will not be be liked by all. People who are fan of sensible and complicated plots and enjoy violent and brutal scenes must definitely watch it. Watch it for brilliant performances especially of Randeep Hooda. Had there been a suspense element in the movie and had the climax be executed perfectly, this movie would do justice to the otherwise brilliant concept and awesome acting.

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