Kaanchi [2014 – Free Movie Download] Hindi 400 MB DVD-SCR SQ

140 Min | Drama – Musical – Romance | April 2014

IMDB Rating: 5.5

Director: Subhash Ghai

Starring: Kartik Tiwari, Mishti, Rishi Kapoor

Kaanchi Review: Subhash Ghai is back with his film making style. He portrays the nature beautifully and the feel of the movie is simply superb. You really empathize with the characters. In this era of the new age directors, Mr. Ghai follows his own sense of direction. Screenplay is jerky. They tried to stuff comedy in emotional scenes. A mother slaps her daughter for her rebelling nature but massages her feet in night, while she is sleeping. This scene has an emotional note but suddenly daughter awakes and in lieu of adoring her mother’s care, she starts laughing. Was she mad or mentally challenged to understand such type of basic human emotions?

Characterization is bad. Few scenes are so old fashioned. A boy died and his father melodramatically calls him to respond. The days are gone of such scenes. A romantic intense scene is going on and suddenly some girls appear from nowhere and start giggling, this way they just crush the romance. In a scene, girl is shown with a water bottle but in next voice over about her informs that she has been roaming hungry and thirsty. They deliberately ignored such type of mistakes or even they were unable to figure it out? Performance wise Kartik Tiwari as Binda is ok. Lead girl Mishti as Kaanchi looks good as well as act but she literally shrieks in intense scenes. Mithun Da had given plump face look, which does not suit him at all and it was not required even.

Rishi Kapoor is fine. Chandan Roy Sanyal as Inspector Bagula is fantastic. His acting is an only relief in this film. Music is ok. Track of fast song are good but lyrics does not support it well. Mishti’s debut performance is very good and Kartik too seems to have good work yet again. There on screen chemistry looks really good. The story line is really involving. Kaanchi is surely worth watching. Great work by Mr. Subhash Ghai yet again.

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