Khoobsurat (2014 – Free Download) Hindi 400 MB DVD-SCR SQ

130 Min | Comedy – Romance | September 2014

IMDB Rating: 6.7

Director: Shashanka Ghosh

Starring: Ashok Banthia, Rishabh Chaddha, Badrul Islam

Khoobsurat Review: Its not completely hazardous to watch a formula-ridden flick if you are comfortable in a cinematic space familiar to you. More than 3 decades back, veteran director Hrishikesh Mukherjee made the slice- of-life family caper with Rekha in the lead. That iconic film examined the inclusion of an independent-thinking girl in a matriarchal family, in alighter vein. Fast Forward to 2014 – Adman Shashank Ghosh replicates the premise in ‘Khubsoorat’ which marks the collaboration of Anil Kapoor productions with Disney Films. Its a case of old wine served in new bottle. Much like a fairy-tale adventure, Khubsoorat unfolds with the spontaneous and chirpy chatter-box Mili, a sports physiotherapist by profession with Sehwag, Dhoni in her client list,entering and breaking the strictures of a royal family. Though her job is to clinically treat the wheel-chaired king, Shekhar Rathod, she is an uninvited typhoon, inviting the rage of the disciplinarian matriarch, Nirmala Devi but creates ripples in the heart of the starchy scion, Vikram.

In Khubsoorat, Shashank has an eye for details. A royal setting, laden with decorum, which forms a backdrop for the central defiance is aptly crafted and Tushar Ray’s sumptuous visuals soothe the sparks that fly between the protagonists, who are exactly the opposites in their mannerisms. Shashank also gives a sensitive touch to the reason behind the deafening silence inhabiting the dysfunctional family. However, many of the sequences appear contrived due to a sloppy screenplay. A beaten-to-death treatment and predictable narrative stops us from being invested in the characters and their lives. Sneha Khanwalkar’s peppy numbers and the interesting voice-overs doing the mind-talks between the aafat Mili and khadus ‘Vicku’ cheer up the mood.

Quite expectedly, Khubsoorat showcases Sonam’s acting chops (again after’Aisha’). The actress gives Mili the right degree of effervescence and eccentricity. Known for her fashionista credentials, her costumes are outlandish and yet she is picture-perfect. She is ably supported by a motley of accomplished actors – its Kirron Kher, playing Mili’s noisy boisterous and outrageous Punjabi Mom, Manju, who keeps us thoroughly entertained. Her bouyant antics construct a perfect foil to the high-on-etiquettes, Ratna Pathak. Pakistani heart-throb Fawad Khan makes Vikram the cynosure of all eyes and is justifiably restrained. Sadly, all of them seldom get an opportunity to rise above the muddled script. Khubsoorat is a shaky ride. It will make you laugh, but an excess of candy floss also exasperates at the same time.

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