Koyelaanchal [2014 – Free Download] Hindi 400 MB DVD-SCR SQ

138 Min | Action – Crime – Drama | May 2014

IMDB Rating: 4.9

Director: Ashu Trikha

Starring: Vinod Khanna, Roopali Krishnarao, Sunil Shetty

Koyelaanchal Review: ‘Koyelaanchal’, a crime-drama, is engrossing, but only in parts. Director Ashuu Trikha delivers a story of brutality and injustice with conviction, but an erratic Screenplay acts as a deterrent. ‘Koyelaanchal’ brings to light the explosive story of the people who have kept our precious fuel station at ransom for centuries. It unveils itself through Saryu Bhan Singh, an ex-owner turned Mafioso of the region, who through his sheer brutality and blatant defiance of law of the land, forces the people and the authorities to acknowledge him as their ‘maalik’. Any protest, any voice of dissent against him is dealt with spine chilling violence. But, things take a turn when an uptight officer comes in town and battles against the kingpin and company.

‘Koyelaanchal’ has an average first-hour, but a gripping second. The first-hour concentrates more on gruesome violence, which to be very honest, is off-putting. However, the second-hour is arresting and powerful. The confrontation scenes between the villain and hero, are solid, while the child abduction track, is well-handled, as well. The Screenplay is a mixed bag. At times slow, at times engrossing. A stronger screenplay was certainly needed! Ashuu Trikha has Directed the film with conviction. His handling of this disturbing subject, is indeed note-worthy. Cinematography is top-notch. Editing is fairly done. Action-Sequences are very brutal.

Performance-Wise Suniel Shetty is in terrific form. He’s tough when needed and also restrained when required. He triumphs with a super act! Vinod Khanna enacts the godfather like evil villain, with command. The veteran is fabulous. Vippino is effectively scary. Roopali Krishnarao is excellent. Ashuu Trikha, himself, shows up in a cameo. He’s good. On the whole, ‘Koyelaanchal’ works in bits and pieces.

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