Kung Fu Panda (2008 – Free Download) Eng-Hindi 400 MB DVD-RIP SQ

92 Min | Animation – Action – Adventure | July 2008

IMDB Rating: 7.6

Directors: Mark Osborne, John Stevenson

Starring: Jack Black, Ian McShane, Angelina Jolie

Kung Fu Panda Review: After various animated movies ranging from lacklustre “star” movies (“Madagascar”), boring tripe (“Shark Tale”, “Bee Movie”), and over-rated, over-hyped overkill (“Shrek”), Dreamworks can finally be proud of a truly great film. First, the bad. Besides Po, Shifu and Oogway, the rest of the cast seemed pretty ‘phoned-in’. Thankfully, those characters are pretty inconsequential so they’re not really missed. Now the good or rather great. While classic kung fu movies are poked fun at, Kung Fu Panda does an excellent job of treating the genre with great respect in a movie geared towards kids. And while it is kid friendly, it is not dumbed down to the point where it’s childish. All the classic elements of those great kung fu flicks are there, while still keeping it pleasantly G-rated.

Kung Fu Panda has some of the greatest animated fight scenes. Ever. What elevates them from good to great is that while I expected the unbelievable, gravity-defying stunts that are required of a good kung fu movie, there is an amazing amount of ‘realism’ to the physics in Kung Fu Panda. Just watch the jailbreak and you’ll understand. Speaking of animation, the cinematography, character design and backgrounds are all done very, very well. Whether it’s flying through the air alongside a leaping character, the painting-like backgrounds, or the wonderful opening sequence (reminiscent of Samurai Jack), they’re all beautiful. Snap zooms, slow-motion, and flying cameras are also used with great skill to further the experience.

Even the music and sound is outstanding. Asian drums rumble in the background of intense fights, stones shatter and crumble away, fight sequences rise and fall with each of the music cues, or is that the other way around? Beautiful.
The last great part of Kung Fu Panda is often the most overlooked part of a good family film heart. Kung Fu Panda has oodles of it. Other movies have tried to have a lesson in the end like ‘be yourself’ (“Shrek”), or ‘the value of friends’ (“Madagascar”), or ‘be yourself’ (“Shark Tale”), but “Kung Fu Panda” has genuine cinematic moments with dialogue that carries real weight. Oogway regarding yesterday, tomorrow and today. So, finally, as a complete sucker for Pixar animation, another animation company can actually put proper thought and execution into a family movie. Congratulations Dreamworks.

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