Lucky Kabootar [2014 – Free Movie Download] Hindi 400 MB DVD-SCR SQ

117 Min | Comedy | April 2014

IMDB Rating: 6.3

Director: Shammi Chhabra

Starring: Shradha Das, Eijaz Khan, Ravi Kishan

Lucky Kabootar Review: Lucky Kabootar did not make me feel lucky at all, rather I felt miserable after watching this awfully made film. It is claimed to fall under the genre of comedy and romance, but there was neither comedy nor romance.

There is a village Luckypur, where Lucky(Eijaz Khan) lives who lands up as a salesman in a tractor selling company in spite of graduating in B.Sc. Agriculture. He fantasizes about Kamana aka Kammo aka Gulabo(Shradha Das) but ends up marrying Lakshmi(Kulraj Randhawa). Even after marriage, he still fantasizes about Kammo. Rather the whole Luckypur is behind Kammo, but what was so special about Kammo, which can’t be figured out. Lucky has excuses of ‘Hath Tang hai’ always for not meeting Lakshmi’s needs. Another character here in Lucky Kabootar is Sunny Paji(Ravi Kissen), brother of Kammo and Dabangg of Luckypur with whom Billo(Madhavi Sharma) is madly in love.

And then there is another annoying character Sexybaba(Sanjay Mishra). Oh! What a disappointment to watch him after his ‘Aankhon Dekhi’. He fulfills people’s desires with two female minions on either side – hard drive and pen drive. Lucky Kabootar is with lot of vulgar dialogues. Situations unfold in such a manner that Lucky ends up believing that he has lost Lakshmi in an accident. What follows thereafter – Lucky’s journey of mourning(or celebration)? Please don’t be even bothered to know it. I kept on wondering what these actors Eijaz Khan, Ravi Kissen, Sanjay Mishra, Kulraj Randhawa are doing in this horribly made film.

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