Maattrraan [2012 – Free Download] Tamil-Hindi 400 MB DVD-RIP SQ

165 Min | Action – Sci-Fi – Thriller | October 2012

IMDB Rating: 5.6

Director: Anand K.V.

Starring: Suriya, Kajal Agarwal, Sachin Khedekar

Maattrraan Review: There is an action sequence involving both the Surya(s) that u can never forget, I would all the action sequences on the whole but this should definitely be mentioned. The performance capture is somewhat obvious at “some places” only if you look very closely, its the first to be used in India, though it is not a full fledged mo cap film. All the songs are “unique” and the songs are so stuck to the screenplay and the content of Maattrraan, you will never get the “off track” feel, should mention rettai kadirae (growth of the brothers), theeyae theeyae and naani koni amazingly taken .

In Maattrraan, every single role is given importance, even those doing very small roles in the film that don’t even last for 10 Min’s on the whole, the parents of Surya (dad-Sachin Khedhekar, MOM-TARA) have got amazing acting skills, should mention Mrs. Tara no one could’ve carried out that role. Kajal is so gorgeous, you wouldn’t stop gazing at her. As Anjali did complete justice to the role given to her, perfect expressions, very very talented girl. Suriya man, this guy’s definitely gonna be legendary very soon, such is the kind of skills he has got, If there is one that can perform two different characters with so much ease it would be SURYA AND Only Surya.

Twists and turns begin right from the first half and continues till the very end. 1st half of the film goes so fast that you will forget to even blink, second half is crisp, pace and thrilling and the new version is receiving lots of positives, a message is directly untold and indirectly told is hidden in the end. On the whole, according to me, Maattrraan is one of Suriya’s best film hats off to the hard work, Suriya has taken, Surya touches the heart, he is worth the money he earns, only an immature person would hate the film. Classic movie, climax cud have been better. Can watch more than once for Suriya.

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