[email protected] [2010 – Free Download] Bengali 400 MB DVD-SCR SQ

96 Min | Drama | June 2010

IMDB Rating: 6.5

Directors: Suman Mukhopadhyay

Starring: Anjan Dutt, Sreelekha Mitra, Arun Mukherjee

[email protected] Review: [email protected] is not a film that is absurd in any sense. It is fanatic but still a series of defatigation. Mr. Suman Mukhopadhyay, take a bow. Suman’s earlier films are also good. But this one has to be the best of the lot. The movie consists of two main stories strung together by a third story. All the stories show the lives of people living in various layers of the society and at different locations in Kolkata. The film brilliantly portrays the engulfing fear,solitude,hypocrisy of the characters. A bunch of stories relate every character in cinematic way. In sense of motion picture you can see some reverse motions also! That end up with flattering human emotions. Nearly all characters are sensible.

Chandan Roy Sanyal, Rituparna Sengupta, Anjan Dutt are also scored well. May be cats ‘n’ dogs is the central theme of [email protected] Mutual understanding between a spouse is not always a solution to maintain the relation. Rest of the social life showed in the film is a part of daily dozen. The supernatural elements used in the film is very conceptual but no- doubt influenced by western drama’s. The film is successful.

Directors making films not to entertain audience but to frustrate them? Creativity involves in entertaining only, rest Murder, Sex, Rape, Intoxication, Suicide, Psychological Abuse; society knows more than your films. All major Bengali directors working on social abuse but that should be avoid to reunion a good society. And [email protected] totally fails to fulfill social need.

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