Main Aurr Mrs Khanna (2015 – Free Download) Hindi 400 MB DVD-SCR

109 Min. | Comedy – Drama | October 2009

IMDB Rating: 3.6

Director: Prem Soni

Staring: Kareena Kapoor, Salman Khan, Sohail Khan

Main Aurr Mrs Khanna Review: How often we get to see Salman minus his childish histrionics? How often we get to see heroine not just limited for the glamor quotient? How often we get to see Sohail Khan doing a controlled acting. Not so often, right? Well apparently Main Aurr Mrs Khanna is the answer. A soft romantic melodrama without many ups and downs and still at the end leaves a smile on our face. Rehna(Kareena) is an orphan who falls in love with Samir Khanna(Salman) and gets married to him against the wish of his parents. They are settled in Melbourne, Australia. When life takes a down stride Samir is left with no option but to send Rehna back home to Delhi and himself to leave to Singapore for getting a good job. Rehna when comes to know about his plan, stay back in Melbourne. It is her wait for Samir and what happens when another guy (Sohail as Akash) who loves Rehna, comes in between them.

A feel good story which has got its own moments but still under developed. They could have worked more on this part.
In Main Aurr Mrs Khanna, Salman as struggling, romantic (usual childish act) and cool Samir was a treat to watch. He just rocks. Kareena lives as Mrs. Khanna. She has matured a lot from the bubbly girl image. Sohail is cute and his acting is controlled. Priety Zinta was there just for a song. Deepika Padukone, in a surprise cameo, looks stunning. Rest of the cast is OK. Music by Sajid – Wajid is strictly OK. May be the younger generation will like it. BGM suited the mood of the movie.

Prem R Soni’s debut holds a promise for future. May be he will be the next Imtiaz Ali. Script of Main Aurr Mrs Khanna, doesn’t offer many ups and downs or dramatic situation like a usual Bollywood movie. Still it could have been edited out to avoid some unnecessary elements like Priety’s cameo and all. Characterization could have been reworked as well. Also he should have taken more caring while showing Dubai as Australia in some scenes Over all Main Aurr Mrs Khanna, is an OK attempt from a first timer.

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