Minotaur (2006 – Free Download) Eng-Hindi 400 MB DVD-RIP

93 Min. | Adventure – Fantasy – Horror | May 2006

IMDB Rating: 3.6

Director: Jonathan English

Staring: Tom Hardy, Michelle Van Der Water, Tony Todd

Minotaur Review: After the queen of Crete conceives a child with a bull, a monster is born, the Minotaur. Now, every so often a group of young men and women must be sacrificed to him as a “tax”. But this time, one man (Theo) is determined to end its hunger forever. “Is it possible that a straight-to-video movie about a minotaur could be any good?”. The best thing going for this movie was Tony Todd (“Candyman”). Todd never disappoints and he is served in large doses throughout Minotaur. You would think a horror icon wouldn’t have much more than a cameo here, but he is a central character and plays himself off to be the most menacing tyrant imaginable. Has Tony Todd ever disappointed you? Probably not, and the more we get the better the film.

Here we have something a little different. There’s a very passionate love scene between the main character (Theo) and the female villain (Tony Todd’s character’s sister). Very well shot. And of course the opening scene with a woman being mounted by a bull. The special effects were alright for a lower budget film. The Minotaur himself was just alright, nothing special, but I thought they did a fine job with him as a child. The really best thing was the cinematography, the coloring of the different scenes, giving it a very mythical look. The story deviates from the legend in a number of respects, but unless you’re a really picky fan of Greek mythology, you probably won’t care and most people won’t even notice.

Minotaur is a classic film. Pure adventure, it has it all caves, torture, monster, a labyrinth, mythological birth. Great plot, what else is better than a movie that captures the very essence of myth and legend? Fantastic characters, Theo is a five star kind of man, heroic, brave, strong, basically a ladies man. Plus, it has an Irish lady, deaf girl, naive brother, twisted leader and a crazed rat man. So, the best conclusion is to watch Minotaur as soon as possible.

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