Movies That Will Be Very Uncomfortable To Watch With Family

Have you ever watched a movie with your parents, when suddenly the characters started to express their romantic feelings for each other. Awkward? Of course. Happened to the most of us. Tried to do the things other than watching that scene, but couldn’t find the courage.

Don’t worry, here is a list of such movies which made the things so uncomfortable, if you are watching it with your parents.

  1. Ted

Seth MacFarlane, wrote this extremely foul-mouthed teddy who also likes to flirt with girls, have lots of sex.

Ted Movie

2. Hate Story 2

A woman takes revenge on a powerful corrupt politician who forcefully abused her and left her for dead. It has, the combo of skin-show, melodious music and powerful performances.

Hate Story 2 Movie

3. Titanic

Titanic is an American epic romance film. The scene with the locket has embarrassed the entire generation in front of their parents.

Titanic Movie

Titanic Movie1

4. Grand Masti

This film had some of the most awkward scenes.

Grand Masti Film

5. American Pie Series

This series is embarrassing in every which way. It has a lot of dirty scenes.

American Pie Series

6. Come Undone

Like most films that dramatise adultery, Come Undone is about the fantasy of attraction evaporating over time. But Soldini manages to express the dark hesitations within this construct just as much as the feverish flights of fancy, the seconds of waiting and yearning just as much as the sweaty hot sex.

Come Undone Film

7. B.A. Pass

It is the another twisted story about a lady seduces a college going boy, uses him and then leaves him. B.A. Pass has too many bold scenes.

BA Pass Film

8. Blue Is the Warmest Colour

The story is based on the life of a French teen age girl, who forms a deep emotional and sexual relation with with and older art student, she met in lesbian bar.

Blue is The Warmest Colour Movie

Any of the movies listed above, definitely you should not watch with your parents, otherwise it becomes the situation of a great awkwardness.

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