MTV VMAs 2017: American Hip Hop Artist Cardi B Suffers Wordrobe Malfunction

At the time of incident, Cardi B was on stage to present Demi Lovato’s performance at MTV Video Music Awards 2017.

There is no doubt that at recent MTV Music Video Awards, Cardi B stole the show. She became talk of the Twitter for making a hilarious face during Ed Sheeran’s performance.

Cardi B's Wardrobe Malfunction 2 at VMAs 2017

Cardi B was looking flawless in her pink gown, suffered an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction during her performance of stage. One side of her off shoulder dress shifted down, and her one boob came out.

Hip-hop artist sensed that something is not right and quickly held the dress.

Check out some reactions of Cardi B’s wardrobe malfunction:

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