Nh10 (2015 – Free Download) Hindi 400 MB DVD-RIP

115 Min. | Crime – Drama – Mystery | March 2015

IMDB Rating: 7.4

Director: Navdeep Singh

Staring: Anushka Sharma, Ravi Beniwal, Neil Bhoopalam

Nh10 Review: Nh10 starts off with Meera (Anushka) and Arjun (Neil) heading off on a weekend getaway. Meera has been traumatized by an event that happened a few days before, so the trip is more to get her back to her usual self. While stopping for lunch at a highway dhaba,they notice a group trashing an eloping couple and try to intervene. A few scenes later, they notice the same group on a remote road and Neil just on a whim, rather stupidly decides to teach them a lesson. The chain of events this decision leads them through, forms rest of the story. Nh10 is one of those few ones where you will find it hard to find any faults. Everything about the film right from the gripping screenplay, the near perfect acting performances (even from actors in brief roles), cinematography and background score are so perfectly in place.

The director of Nh10, Navdeep Singh needs to be commended immensely for delivering a suspenseful gripping drama while at the same time highlighting the topical issue of honor killing and how entrenched caste is in the rural India’s psyche. The honor killing sequence in particular is so raw and real that it sends a chill down your spine. Nh10 is interspersed throughout with subtleties which capture the sad and tragic realities of urban and rural India beautifully. The cop blaming the victim by asking why Anushka was out late at night when she tries to lodge a complaint. The xenophobia towards people from other states, the scenes with the brother and his friends capturing the crude patriarchy that exists in rural India etc are fine examples. The scene which takes the cake is the one where the rural cop mentions that Manu and Ambedkar had the same ideology.

Keeping itself as the very point of interest throughout its complete time span of a near-2 hour crime drama, Nh10 becomes more and more worthy of your extol as you seek deeper through the story. While staying perfectly true to realism, NH10, with excellent direction, a finely crafted story and brilliant performances, shines as Singh’s undiluted masterpiece. Another common perception that prevails amongst most of us is that, only men are responsible for these horrible happenings. While this may be true in most cases, Nh10 in a very hard hitting way conveys that women are equally to be blamed. Its always heartening to watch a movie which is entertaining and conscience provoking at the same time. NH10 is a fine example and walks this tightrope with great elan.

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