Parker (2013 – Free Download) Eng-Hindi 400 MB DVD-RIP

118 Min | Action – Crime – Thriller | March 2013

IMDB Rating: 6.2

Director: Taylor Hackford

Starring: Jason Statham, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Chiklis

Parker Review: Parker (Jason Statham) is a thief with codes to live by. He is left for dead by his cohorts in crime when he refuses to join them for another heist. He vows to go after them and get what is his. Seems that some big stars want to hitch their wagon to a profitable venture such as any Jason Statham movie. Here we have Jennifer Lopez doing that and when I first saw her name associated with this I knew 2-things, She would get a lot of screen time and many, many lines too. Okay, 3-three things, this won’t be as good as other Jason Statham movies. However, there was a difference with this movie. Most of the time Mr Statham’s character goes about his business cutting down the bad guys without any real complication, but in here he meets his match with some bad guys who kind of beat the hell out of him. He still wins, but it’s not easy.

Add to the beatings, we have Leslie (Jennifer Lopez) getting in the way of Parker’s plan to take out the bad guys. Okay, we knew something like this would happen and we cringed for a bit, but we were pleasantly surprised that she did good. Who knew? All in all a good action thriller as we would expect from any Jason Statham movie even with a star who hitched her wagon to a profitable venture, but did good. Who knew? Nick Nolte and Michael Chiklis also star. Will we see other big stars hitch their wagon to other successful ventures, Matt Damon, Bruce Willis, Arnold (hey, is he back?), Sylvester? Time will tell. We can only hope the scripts will be as good as this one was.

“Parker” (Jason Statham) is a thief with a code of ethics very particular robs only the rich. After an operation, is betrayed by his team and left for dead. Then decides to adopt a new identity, what is proposed, with the help of a beautiful woman (Jennifer Lopez), is to take the spoils and mourn his former partners have crossed his path. It is an entertaining film right and evasion, which positively remember that old action genre, where the story stood out more than the special effects. In “Parker”, the script is not very original, but very well told and entertaining enough. One thing to be grateful for this film, is that unlike most of the current action genre in three aspects, there are few locations, few scenes full of explosive special effects and few night scenes, where poor lighting and the frantic rate of the camera deceives the viewer. Another novelty in this film is the fact of seeing Jennifer Lopez in action films such as at the beginning.

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