Rock On!! (2008 – Free Download) Hindi 375 MB DVD-RIP

145 Min. | Drama – Music | August 2008

IMDB Rating: 7.9

Director: Abhishek Kapoor

Staring: Arjun Rampal, Farhan Akhtar, Luke Kenny

Rock On!! Review: Rock On!! is all about employing electric and bass guitars, thundering drums with a mix of organ or piano or synthesizers giving you all a severe head-banging session. Well, that’s what rock means to me and Rock On! is a great attempt bringing the same feel to 70MM! Rock On! is an ideal example of bridging cult with mainline Hindi cinema. The movie is about how 4 talented friends with same passion for music creates a band called Magik and wanted to become ‘somebody’ in music industry. The movie focuses on how they stay together, achieve what they want to, broke up with each other and re-unites one last time. Director has done a marvelous job in bringing all characters alive. He didn’t allow more characters floating all around and coming in between. He simply focuses on Magik and their select close ones.

Soul of Rock On!! lies in its music. The music of Rock On! is packed with extremely catchy kick ass numbers. Though all the numbers are rocking but my top three favorites are ‘Zehreelay’ ‘Pichhle Saat Dinon’ and ‘Ye Tumhari Meri Baatein’. ‘Zehreelay’ is the heaviest soundtrack of any Indian movie so far. It’s wild, full of energy and extremely noisy. Lyrics are weird and the interesting part is the vocal. You can do extreme screaming when you sing in English but when it comes to Hindi, it’s a different ball game. It is tough to sing so loud and extreme that too with perfect vocals in Hindi. Simply hell yeah! ‘Pichhle saat dinon’ is a song that grows on you and later, you can’t live without. The song is so popular that they have made a spl video for it. ‘Ye Tumhari Meri Baatein’ is beautiful song with a tinge of jazz to it. It will make you feel as if it is made for you and your love.

Another wonderful track is ‘Socha hai’. It’s like back to roots, real rock song where lyrics come out from no where. Title soundtrack ‘Rock On!’, ‘Sindbad the sailor’ and ‘Fir Dekhiye’ are simply outstanding. Another special song is a slow rock ballad ‘Tum ho to’. In age of one song wonder soundtracks Rock On! is a surprise package. Each and every song is a chart buster. The movie is well crafted but the plot is not something new. It’s a predictable movie and you know exactly what will happen next. Also, dialogs don’t have that punch like the songs and its theme. There are so many well crafted scenes that had lit up Rock On!! Its sheer delight as director sketched those scenes brilliantly. Rock On! truly justifies its title with some heavy dope of rocking music and acting. More important, it’s the simplicity of the movie which will make you happy while coming out of the movie screen with a message to all – know matter what may come, keep rocking!

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