Salaam Namaste (2005 – Free Download) Hindi 400 MB DVD-SCR

158 Min. | Comedy – Drama – Romance | September 2005

IMDB Rating: 6.3

Director: Siddharth Anand

Staring: Saif Ali Khan, Preity Zinta, Arshad Warsi

Salaam Namaste Review: Say “hi” to Bollywood’s modernist couple, Nick and Amber. In Salaam Namaste, the characters of Saif n Priety are not the stereotype sexually liberated perverts of a regular bollywood masala but they are permissive, and pretty much into themselves, without being bad. What sets the movie apart from the common I love – U love and wickedly women cravings stuff is that Salaam Namaste is fully in step with time. Recently many movies based on this theme (somewhat) fell flat because of the gory description of anti-ethical women, aka Bipasha Basu in Jism, Aishwarya in Khakee to name a few. Hence the strength of Salaam Namaste lies in its complete sync with modern manners without labelling them as anti Indian or anti-ethics. Ambar (Preity) is sensible and punctual, which is everything Nick (Saif) is not. She works hard, is serious about everything she does, and loves her radio show. He loves cooking, partying with friends and living a life free of commitments. When invited to a radio interview with Ambar, he oversleeps, misses the show, and manages to annoy her. She uses her show to exact revenge. They manage to meet, eventually, and soon realize, after a night of partying at a friend’s wedding, that they are attracted to each other despite their many differences

So, we have Nick and Ambar enter into a well thought out live-in relationship. they begin sleeping in different rooms but end up on the same bed and lots of Pre-martial sex. both Nicky and Ambar have loads of pre-martial sex without any promise of marriage even after many more. All hell breaks loose when Ambar finds herself pregnant. Nick begins to realize that relationships aren’t always about romantic dinners and walks along the beach. When pushed into a corner, Nick has to choose between his concept of freedom, and his love for Ambar. She, on the other hand, is forced to completely re-evaluate her idea of what marriage and commitment ought to be. What Salaam Namaste teaches us is that falling in love is easy, but sticking to a commitment isn’t. Before the first half, the audience is left wondering whether Nick and Ambar will manage to get over their differences and take their relationship for what it is, whether good or bad. Will Nick manage to get over his bachelor’s lifestyle and handle marriage?

As a romantic comedy, Salaam Namaste works very well. There’s a lot of romance, and a lot of comedy. Saif and Preity are both perfect for comic roles, and their timing proves it throughout the film. Preity manages to handle all situations thrown at her, and makes for a very efficient radio jockey, while Saif even manages to make a convincing chef. Other stars also have an opportunity to shine here, especially Arshad Warsi – who plays Saif’s best friend – and Javed Jafferi, who plays a landlord wary of Indian tenants. Jafferi’s role is, in fact, one of the film’s highlights. He manages a strange accent perfectly, and his talent is undeniable. The other faces include Tania Zaetta, Jugal Hansraj, Ravi Khote, Kunal Vijaykar and Kavita Kapoor. For a debut, this is not bad, and Siddharth Raj Anand deserves a round of applause. Sunil Patel, the director of photography, also does a commendable job, portraying the city of Melbourne in all its beauty. The Australian extras also deserve a few claps, for managing to do what they do as extras. And yes, Abbas Tyrewala’s dialogues hit the mark. Still, for an afternoon of laughs, some excellent performances by Saif, Preity and Jafferi, and a well-shot tour of Melbourne, you can’t go wrong with Salaam Namaste.

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