Satya 2 (2013 – Free Download) Hindi 400 MB DVD-SCR SQ

138 Min | Crime | November 2013

IMDB Rating: 6.1

Director: Ram Gopal Varma

Starring: Puneet Singh Ratn, Sharvanand, Anaika Soti

Satya 2 Review: I had been a great fan of RGV in the past. But because his last few collections, I stopped going after his new releases. Same happened for this movie. I was pretty skepticl about watching Satya 2. Reasons included its name (Satya 2), the movie title (which clearly described it would be a heroism movie, in which RGV has always failed), and finally, not so good rating at IMDb. However, one of my friend convinced me to watch it. And I thanked him later.

No doubt Satya 2 is a heroism movie. However, don’t let the movie title and its description stray you. Even its current rating seems to be too low for such a masterpiece. I’m sure that there is team of haters particularly trying to sabotage this movie, as there is no reason for them to rate it 1, even if they don’t like the movie. What makes it a good movie? It’s all in the execution. I don’t want to add the spoiler tag here, so I won’t emit out any information not already disclosed in the trailers or movie description.

This is the kind of movie that takes the viewer to a journey, rather than keeping him unsure about the twists/climax/ending. It clearly tells everything in advance, and even though we already know what is going to happen, we actually want to see it how it is going to happen. That was a great, and in fact, a very interesting experience. We know that the person named Satya is going to reinvent the underworld in 2013. But is this unknown person is capable of doing that? That’s the greatest thing about Satya 2. I normally hate such movies, and I was pretty much impressed (once again, after so many years) from RGV for forcing me to like something I normally don’t. This character surely has such skills.

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