Singh Saab the Great (2013 – Free Download) Hindi 400 MB DVD-SCR SQ

144 Min | Action – Comedy – Drama | November 2013

IMDB Rating: 7.0

Director: Anil Sharma

Starring: Sunny Deol, Urvashi Rautela, Amrita Rao

Singh Saab the Great Review: Singh Saab The Great is a Sunny Deol show all the way!!! But this is no regular masala fare, this film has a high concept, a good message, and family sentiment. While the first half goes by layering the plot, showing some family sentiment, the second half is where the film really roars with, some great action, amazing dialouges and in the climax Sunny Deol takes the film to new heights!!!

Singh Saab the Great tells the tale of an honest collector Saranjit Talwar he gets transferred to new areas all the times because of his honesty. He hates corruption bribes etc. Enter Bhudev Singh a goon politician he runs the sand mafia in the new place Talwar is transfered. Acting wise its a Sunny Deol show all the way, he shines as Singh Saab, he delivers powerful dialouges, and fights like never before. The original action hero is in amazing form!!! Other notable acts are of Prakash Raj who is menacing as the villain, Johnny Lever who provides laughter, and Yashpal Sharma who makes a good henchman. Dir Anil Sharma makes a high concept film, his film has a big heart, but the wife and sister scenes in the film don’t work. At times there is too much melodrama.

The songs also other than the title song are so so and don’t make a impact. But Sharma gets saved by Sunny Deol and his amazing dialouges. If only his first half of Singh Saab the Great had less melodrama it would be as powerful as the second half. The pace is also slow in the first half, and film could be trimmed by 15-20 min to make more of a impact. Overall Singh Saab the Great works because of Sunny Deol, and the great second half, and the pluses out due the minuses. The films also has a lot of Punjabi flavor so if your Punjabi or a fan of Sunny Deol, Singh Saab the Great is a must watch.

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