Sona Spa (2013 – Free Download) Hindi 400 MB DVD-RIP SQ

102 Min | Drama – Mystery – Thriller | March 2013

IMDB Rating: 3.7

Director: Makrand Deshpande

Starring: Nivedita Bhattacharya, Devyani, Naseeruddin Shah

Sona Spa Review: The film is very much what you see in the trailers. There are people who can’t sleep. There are other people who sleep well and through some bonding one from the latter group can sleep on behalf of one from the former group relieving the stress. Sona Spa shows if someone sleeps your sleep, they are also going to dream your dreams. There’s no new knowledge beyond that, for the characters barely do anything after having new knowledge about each other. The dreams make for the bulk of Sona Spa and we would have such a boring film if these dreams weren’t deep and dark secrets of the sleepless people. Now, how people who don’t sleep dream so that people who are sleeping for them can dream the same dream, is a minor technicality and thus not addressed at all.

Even so, what an interesting premise this was for some psychoanalysis! The original person’s dream is a representation of his deepest desires/insecurities. The dream though is so real for the sleep-worker that they believe them to be true. But, none of this is explored at all in Sona Spa. Instead you get some superficial philosophical talk using lines that are supposed to sound profound. Except for Nivedita Bhattacharya (Meenakshi), Aahana Kumrah (Ritu) and the guy who plays Sachin (Indira’s brother) all other actors are mostly stiff and the three mentioned are better only in comparison. Pooja Pradhan (Indira) actually looks like she’s being held together by the make-up plastered on her face.

In fact, the cinematography of Sona Spa is so grainy that you can see the smallest pore on everyone’s face. I don’t know what artistic purpose this serves, but even in real life you cannot see the face in such gruesome detail. If only you have seen even a fraction of that detail in coming up with stories of insomniacs that were complete. Or at least they’d have some meaning for the viewer, even if the meaning wasn’t deciphered or understood completely. Watching Sona Spa is like having 15-20 minute boring dream played on repeat for two hours. I really wonder how this movie would’ve turned out if it were a short.

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