Temper (2015 – Free Download) Telugu 300 MB DVD-SCR

147 Min. | Action – Drama | February 2015

IMDB Rating: 8.8

Director: Puri Jagannadh

Staring: Junior N.T.R., Kajal Agarwal, Ali

Temper Review: Temper is a telugu movie. Yes, trendsetter Puri Jagannath is back with the ‘actor’ in Jr.NTR. In Temper, Sub Inspector Daya is a corrupt, brutal and cunning police officer, who is ready to go to any extent for making money. But he is stuck in a gruesome tragedy which opens a new beginning. The plot may seem usual one, but what Puri has is the store is a stunner. Making Trendsetter is what industry calls Puri Jagannath and Temper justifies it. He not only sets the trend in showing a Telugu hero in a never seen image, but also by offering a sentimental foundation for the script. Vakkatnam Vamsi’s story of a corrupt cop transforming is well scripted by the director. The way the movie travels and the unexpected surprises it opens to, really impresses the viewer. The movie is free from unwanted action, bouncing of Hench men and mainly form crap comedies. Still, Temper has the traditional elements of a Telugu entertainer, which pulls it from being a classic.

Those small yet unwanted comedies of Ali, Saptagiri and idiotic behaviour of Kajal and Kovai Sarala could’ve been avoided or taken care of. The songs which come in between creates a great disturbance in the continuity, even though they are beautifully made. The stunning factor of the movie is its climax. Those penultimate moments of the movie was a scream. Kudos to Puri for making Temper more of a sentimental-socially relevant drama than a time pass entertainer. Had he took care in the first half, Temper would have been a classic. Dialogues were of top class, especially the ones between Posani and NTR about corruption. The ones in court scene too sparks thrill. The movie also raises questions regarding the loops in our law which offers freedom for any criminal to commit crime. The movie also draws light on the corrupt system and problems faced by women. Kudos to Puri Jagannath for including this factor. Jr NTR proves that the actor in him is still alive. One of the best performances in the recent times and the best form him. Hope he does non-stereo characters of these kind, rather than those in the masala entertainers. His dance moves were amazing as usual.

The next notable performance is from Posani. Never expected this form him. Prakash Raj rocks as usual while Tanikella Bharani touches our heart with his short role. Madhurima too exposed good acting skills,whereas Kajal revealed more skin. Kajal was just meant for that and for dancing in songs which come in equal intervals. The roles of Ali and Saptagari were purely unnecessary. There is even no trace of them after a few scenes. Cinematography by Satyam K Naidu had novel frames, especially at those action sequences. The director’s expertise in presenting mass scenes with greater elevation was visible on screen. Songs by Anoop Rubens were good and foot tapping, especially Temper and item songs. BGM by Mani Sharma was good at parts. Had a great mass appeal at certain sequences, while the ones at certain moments seemed familiar. Editing was good. Especially, those non-abusive cuts of torture. Action sequences were clean without more-than-a-human touch. That last fight scene was superb. Temper is a stunning entertainer, which tops high due to brilliant performance by NTR and Puri’s unconventional approach.

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