Thalaivaa (2013 – Free Download) Tamil 400 MB DVD-SCR SQ

IMDB Rating: 7.4

Director: Vijay

Starring: Vijay, Amala Paul, Santhanam

Thalaivaa Review: The movie is leisurely paced, which might not find agreement with all sections of Vijay fans. The love story is a drawn out one, but then there is enough spice in it to keep you involved. The interval is called for with a bang, which gives a clue as to what might happen next. What happens in the second half is a complete deviation from the first one, and can be termed “mass” in the fan language. Even then, it’s not happening at breakneck speed which many might expect. However, the pace was right here (there is no point in sacrificing logic for pace), what was needed was some trimming of some irrelevant portions. Thalaivaa achieves what it wants to, in the end.

The technical front is impressive, with Nirav Shah leading from the front to capture some great shots of Mumbai in the second half. The screenplay is tight and we have a mass movie which does not let go of logic, to an extent. The villain disappoints, and what we wanted was not a menacing looking one, but someone who was capable of standing up to the hero. The songs were absolutely a blast while the BGM could have been used to better effect in the second half. AL Vijay could have exercised more control over the proceedings in a more gripping manner, but he has done his best, we feel. It’s easy to crib about the minute details about Thalaivaa, which we feel as aberrations.

Performance wise, Vijay shoulders the movie and gives out a mature performance. Both the halves demanded different get-ups and acting styles from the actor, and he obliges in his own, unique style. Here is an actor who has potential which has yet been under utilized. Sathyaraj performs well, being the seasoned veteran he is and Amala Paul gets a good role, rather than being the regular eye candy in usual movies. His character sketch failed Abhimanyu Singh but everyone else did their roles well. Overall, Thalaivaa is an entertainer in the usual mould of masala movies, but after the movie ends, we feel that there was something different and that it was for good.

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