The Adjustment Bureau (2011 – Free Download) Eng-Hindi 375 MB DVD-RIP

106 Min. | Romance – Sci-Fi – Thriller | March 2011

IMDB Rating: 7.1

Director: George Nolfi

Staring: Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Lisa Thoreson

The Adjustment Bureau Review: Fate, coincidence and free will come at odds with one another in this sci-fi romance re-imagined by George Nolfi from the short story, “Adjustment Team”, by sci-fi legend Philip K. Dick. Nolfi’s plot can go from interesting and intriguing to downright silly at times but the main attraction is not the narrative. The Adjustment Bureau is the pulsating chemistry between lead stars Matt Damon and the sensually beguiling Emily Blunt set in all the famous spots of Manhattan and NYC. Young Senate candidate for New York City, David Norris (Damon), is rehearsing his speech in the men’s restroom when a beautiful stranger (Blunt, right, with Damon) emerges from one of the stalls and starts chatting with him. Before she leaves – in quite a hurry – they have an impulsive, passionate kiss, and he is smitten. Their next encounter in a city bus has to be by chance – and he learns that her name is Elise. He is determined to call her.

And then David comes across a bunch of Men in Black suits and hats, led by a Mr Richardson (John Slattery), who says bluntly, “We are the people who make sure things go according to plan.” David’s relationship with the free-spirited Elise is not part of their plan and he must not see her again – for both his and her own good. The rest of the movie is, of course, the tussle between Love and Fate for David. After being charmed by Elise, a rising star ballerina, we can understand why David is bent on seeing her. We can also understand how their relationship would possibly wreck their careers – and why David would want to take a chance on that. In The Adjustment Bureau, David and Elise seem so perfect for each other that we root for them.

The Adjustment Bureau, is good that Nolfi has written such a romantic angle into this Dick tale instead of turning it into another action flick like “Total Recall”, “Paycheck” and “Screamers”. He could have polished up a bit more on the second half to keep it from becoming childish, though. Still, the notion of Fates personified could not be taken too seriously – and it would be better to just go along with the flow of the love story so charmingly portrayed by Damon and Blunt – and supported by a sympathetic Anthony Mackie and menacing Terence Stamp as members of the Adjustment Bureau. Emily Blunt has such captivating eyes that look into your soul and make you weep. Overall, The Adjustment Bureau is an excellent film.

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