The Amazing Spider-Man 2 [2014 – Free Download] English 400 MB DVD-SCR SQ

142 Min | Action – Adventure – Fantasy | April 2014

IMDB Rating: 7.5

Director: Marc Webb

Starring: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review: “The Amazing Spider-man 2” is a tough one. Parts of it were actually amazing. While other parts were far from it. It still felt over-shadowed by three previous movies that didn’t really deserve to get ignored. ” Trouble is, they haven’t. This one also spends most of its time setting up future movies. While other parts bring nothing new and feel like more repeats. The biggest mistake “The Amazing Spider-man 2” makes though. Is one that this series should already have learnt not to do. And that’s under-using its villain. The main bad guy off this one is suppose to be Electro. A Bad-guy that was always going to be a tough sell, and they don’t quite manage it. In the Cartoons he looks so ridiculous that they’ve had to entirely redesign him, which is cool. But the character is ruined after an amazing intro by being under-used yet over done.

The “Real” main villain of The Amazing Spider-man 2 is Harry Osborne (Dane DeHann) and although this is one of the things that has been done before, he is arguably the best thing in the movie. The minute DeHann was cast I knew he would be great, and he is. His “dual identity” too, has been redesigned, but for the better. With a new take, that makes the future of the series at least look promising.

But what about The Amazing Spider-man 2? It likes building up future ideas, but there must be something else good about it by itself? Well, Andrew Garfield is still pleasing fans as Spider-man, and his chemistry with Emma Stone is still strong. Providing the movie with most of its laughs, charm, and in some parts, genuine tears. But we watch Spider-man for the action, right? And most of the action too, is still cool. Even if the series has far from reinvented itself, and is still spending a bit too much time on Spider-man’s love life, than his crime fighting.

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